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Leaders are made, not born.

Are you new to leadership? Are you ready to be a great leader? Allow us to work with you to create a leadership development plan that aligns with your values, your ambitions, and the organization you are a part of. Together we will make you shine where you are and prepare you for the next step in your leadership development.

We offer a 12 week coaching program for engineers (or other technical professionals) turned manager, or we can design a program just for you.

Have one major challenge you could use a little perspective on? Book a one-off coaching session anytime.


Make Change Stick

How do you get an entire workforce to change their behavior? Contrary to popular belief, people love change, they just don't like to be told to change. We can help you develop a change management plan that is people-focused and that brings people along, rather than forces them to be something they don't want be. When you factor in the complexities of the people you can inspire change that lasts.


Hire the Right People

The decisions to hire are some of the most critical that a business can make. How do you attract great people and then determine who will be a high performer? We are able to review your current practices, provide insight into best practices, and design a system that works for you. It is possible to make better hiring decisions, and honestly, you can't afford to make a bad hire.


Gain Clarity

Job analysis is the basis for all organizational development practices. How can you manage people if you can't explain what it is you want them to do? How do you measure performance if expectations have never been defined? How do you know if someone is ready for a promotion? How do you tell an employee that their behavior on the job is just as (if not more) important than the tasks they perform? A job analysis also provides the legal basis for all selection tests, without it you'll be hard pressed to legally justify why it is some people get hired and others don’t.


High Performance Starts with Accountability

Boards of Directors are rightly concerned with the financial health of an organization. For an organization to realize its full potential a Board of Directors must be equally concerned with the leadership pipeline, the culture, and other performance measures. Allow us to serve on your Board of Directors and we will establish corporate performance targets related to the complexities of managing people. We provide the expertise necessary to measure and evaluate performance against such goals.


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