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New Manager Coaching

Putting engineers in management roles is the right thing to do. But it can be a costly learning curve.


Set them up for success and watch your entire business thrive.

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From engineer to leader in 3 months

We take engineers and make them great managers by increasing their self-awareness, guiding them in creating good habits, giving them practical tools for managing, and showing them how to develop collaborative relationships that align their entire team to the business's mission.

  • Why leadership coaching?
    Coaching is the fasted way to develop complex leadership skills and abilities. Unlike traditional training programs which focus on knowledge transfer, coaching allows for a highly customized learning experience which means the participant is more likely to retain and apply what they learn.
  • Who benefits the most from coaching?
    There are two criteria we look for before agreeing to coach someone: Do they want to be coached? Are they willing to try new things? When someone wants to be coached, and they are willing to experiment with changing their daily behaviors, they are more likely to be successful in our program and as a manager.
  • Is the cost of coaching worth it?
    People we have coached report having cut years off of their development, improved in their ability to communicate with senior leadership, realized overall performance improvements from their entire department, and have a greater satisfaction with their job.

Future Leader Guarantee

This program is designed to prepare the future leaders of your business.

If the participant leaves your business within 12 months, you'll receive full credit to enroll a new manager in the program.

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Meet the Coach
Dain Johnson

With experience as an engineer, a manager, an executive, and a leader, Dain has a unique ability to relate to technical professionals. Through coaching, he challenges participants
in a way that educates, encourages, and grows them. He has coached engineers, project managers, IT professionals, senior managers, and executives as they create better workplaces and more productive teams.


Tejal Patel, IT Manager

"Dain continually provided thought provoking exercises and conversations which helped me refine my leadership skills. He helped me become more effective in my communication to leadership as well as those on my team, and to develop my own team while keeping my personal values and the values of the company at the forefront."

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