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Helping leaders navigate complex problems with courage and authenticity.

Many technical professionals are promoted into management because of high performance in their last job, not necessarily because of their skills as a manager. The skills and abilities that make someone a great manager are very different from those of a strong individual contributor. The fastest way to make the transition into management is with the help of a coach.

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A successful manager is one who creates progress. Too often new managers get stuck focusing only on compliance. What if your managers knew how to lead?


No one wants to be a bad boss, yet they rarely get the chance to learn how to be a good boss. Management skills get left to on-the-job training, which takes longer and can have a negative impact on the manager and everyone that works with them.


The faster someone can make the transition from contributor to manager, the faster the entire work group can make meaningful progress to grow the business.


One-on-one coaching, with objectives and structure, is the most cost-effective way for people to learn the complex skills of management.


While training programs may increase knowledge, coaching actually improves abilities and behaviors. Not only that, but the positive results from coaching can last years, while training results diminish rapidly.

From Potential to

The journey begins with self-management and continues through transformational leadership in a short 12 weeks.


We work on specific and relevant issues, and participants walk away with practical actions and resources each week.

  • Personal Development
  • Strengths

  • Goal Setting

  • Habits

Managing Self

  • Communication
  • Goal Setting

  • Feedback

  • Conflict

Managing Others

  • Leadership Pipeline 

  • Team Performance 

  • Coaching 



"Dain continually provided thought provoking exercises and conversations which helped me refine my leadership skills. He helped me become more effective in my communication to leadership as well as those on my team, and to develop my own team while keeping my personal values and the values of the company at the forefront."

-Tejal P. - ERP/NAV Manager

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