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Have Better 1:1 Meetings

We created this form and guide to help you be awesome at managing up, down, and sideways.

Great things happen when you're on the same page with the people you work with.

At Rev Ø Consulting, we've seen that the best way to create an aligned workforce is by having great 1:1 meetings up and down the organization.

Do your 1:1s contribute to the business or are they little more than a chance to chat? The approach outlined in this article will help you bring structure and consistency to those meetings.


Whether you are a manager who wants more productive relationships with your direct reports or you're trying to create a more constructive relationship with your manager, 1:1 meetings are the best way to make that happen.


This 1:1 Meeting Form guides you through a meeting and helps you make progress on important issues. It allows you to take control of your own productivity and fosters collaborative relationships throughout the organization.

1_1 Meeting guide image with step by step instructions.


An image of the Rev 0 one on one meeting form.
1_1 Meeting form image with step by step instructions.
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