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You've promoted engineers,

we'll equip them to lead.

The Manager Journey

Engineers-turned-managers face an uncomfortable challenge:

shifting their entire perspective.

After years of education, training, and experience focusing on individual problem-solving skills, they are now expected to influence other people's actions to achieve a business outcome. A completely new and unfamiliar responsibility!

You may have seen firsthand how awkward and slow the transition from engineer to manager can be; perhaps you've experienced it yourself. It doesn't have to be that bad. It certainly does not need to take so long.

We do things differently. See how.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Behavioral Based

Using the latest practical research in neuroscience, adult education, and positive psychology, we help managers develop mental self-command, create productive habits, and learn how to manage themselves first.

Enabling Others

New managers learn quickly that it's no longer about them. We help managers connect their leadership style to the needs of the business and give them practical tools to manage, enable, and encourage other people.

Collaborative Leadership

Organizational leadership is a team sport. From CEO to front-line supervisor, every manager has a specific role. We uncover each manager's specific role and show them how to foster collaborative and productive relationships at every level of their organization.

Why coaching?

Benefits of Coaching

Rapid Learning

Coaching provides one on one guidance on how to apply new knowledge. In each session, participants learn something new, try it at work, observe the outcomes, and adjust, bringing immediate benefits to their organization.

Productive People

Good managers have a reach far beyond their own efforts. We show managers how to communicate with, motivate, and enable the people that report to them. Organizations with good managers attract and retain great employees and are more likely to achieve their objectives.

Aligned Action

From CEO to front line supervisor, every manager plays a specific role in the success of the organization. We help each manager understand their role and align their actions with the vision of senior leadership, the strategy of their department, and the actions of their team.

Hear from our clients

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growing organizations, including


"The coaching support from Dain Johnson at Rev 0 was transformational in helping me recognize the areas to improve my professional communication and planning. Dain's coaching approach is objective and insightful, and we worked with clear, attainable goals during and between coaching sessions. I highly recommend Dain as a coach."

Daudi Barnes

Founder and CTO

Agile Space Industries, Inc.

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Your Coach

Dain Johnson

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With experience as an engineer, a manager, an executive, and a leader, Dain has a unique ability to relate to technical professionals. Through coaching, he challenges participants in a way that educates, encourages, and grows them. He has coached engineers, project managers, IT professionals, senior managers, and executives as they create better workplaces and more productive teams.

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